Keep safe and sound !

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

That the Corona virus has taken the world and our daily lives in its grip, is a grim understatement.     

I will not bother you by repeating all over again the countless messages, warnings and advises issued by our governments and health organizations but I dare underline that they have the knowledge and experience needed to guide us.   They know best, so please let us all follow their urging : let's do all we can to help stop the dispersion of this monstrous virus, because whatever it takes, our absolute priority must now be to to take care of our and our family's health and by doing so to help the world conquer this terrible virus and its implications.    Let's now use social media for what is meant : for a positive social interaction and to support each other. 

These are terrible times and there is nothing that I or anyone else can say that will lighten reality but still, enjoy the warmth of the company of your family and of course of your dogs !    Our dogs do not spread the virus but they do offer an endless source of the love and support that will help us through these hard times.    

With you, I look forward to see all this behind us as quickly as possible and to be able to meet you and your Rottweilers again, in large numbers but especially in good health !

Take care of yourself and each other !!

With friendly greetings,
D. Vandecasteele.