The Utility Dog Test at the IFR World Show ... some false rumours.

The IFR World Show 2023 will be organized by our Friends in France (UFR) on 15-16 april 2023 in Moisson (near Paris). 

As all know, the title of IFR Winner can only be obtained by dogs that passed the “ IFR Utility Dog Test” on the eve of the show.  

To be allowed to participate this test the dog must mandatory have passed the BH-test (“FCI-BH/VT”).

Other tests of social behaviour do not suffice for this, even not when they are recognized by a national Kennel Club.    


The BH is an FCI program that is world wide organized with the same routines and that is judged by licenced judges.    

By only allowing dogs to participate the IFR Utiliy Dog Test (=protection work) if they have prior passed the BH, we ensure that they have proven basic obedience, discipline and (self)control, that they are social natured and able to function in every day situations (encountering people, dogs, daily traffic, …).     

Should we allow other tests of social behaviour to replace the BH, this would mean that the Board and/or representatives of the Board would then have to study and witness all tests that participants would invoke.   We would have to study the routines and regulations, the manner of judging of the tests, …  and would then have to establish and proclaim that their goals, routines and results are equal to those of the BH.    This is not our competence nor our task.

As each country has its own test(s) of social behaviour, some recognized by Kennel Clubs and others only by breed clubs, this would be an impossible task, would bring unwanted responsabilities and might lead to arbitrary decisions or decisions that are not shared by all.

It was therefore decided that all dogs must have passed the same uniform test : the BH. 

Some rumours in France seem to suggest otherwise.   They are wrong.  The Board thanks the UFR for its resolute stopping of those rumours by publishing the clear message on the website of the event : only dogs that have prior passed the BH will be allowed to participate the “Utility Dog Test”.