Facebook Group for IFR Delegates (only).

For an international Federation that aims at a close cooperation with and between its members, a good and quick communication is of course essential.   Using modern social media, such as Facebook, may offer a perfect platform for such communication.

At the suggestion of the Swedish Delegate, Mrs. Anna Warburg Rexlinger, the IFR Board has decided to create a Facebook Group for just this purpose.    I thank Mrs. Rexlinger for both the suggestion and for then actually creating the Group-page.

This Facebook Group is a closed group and allows only the Delegates of the IFR Member Clubs as its members.   All Delegates were invited to become a member of the Group.

It goes without saying that it is not our intention to make this into just another Facebook-page like there are already so many of them and in other words it is not the intention to publish announcements of litters, publicity for kennels, etc. …    

The Group page is meant to allow for a free exchange of information, views, national activities, interesting publications, etc. … .  This way, we can informally, therefore freely and quickly, exchange information that concerns and will improve our cooperation and knowledge of the breed.

All official communication between the IFR-Board and IFR-Member Clubs will always be exchanged by e-mail. 

With friendly greetings,

On behalf of the IFR-Board,

D. Vandecasteele.