Financial support for Ukraine dog lovers.

Facta, non verba ... we need deeds ... not words.

The IFR-Board has sent the following letter to all IFR-Delegates.


I don't have to tell anyone that a tragedy is taking place in Ukraine.

This war affects people and animals, including dogs.  Millions of families, countless dog owners, are homeless, on the run or can hardly be supplied with food and water.

Several organizations, and I mention the Czech Rottweiler Club as an example, are involved in collections of money and / or dog food.     This dog food then gets eg. via Polish dog lovers to the border of Ukraine but we have guesses at how the transport from there proceeds and whether this is even possible as far as certain areas are concerned.  

As part of its "Solidarity with Ukraine" campaign, the FCI has opened an account through which enthusiasts can deposit money intended in particular to support Ukraine dog breeders who are either still in Ukraine or have had to flee the country to save their own lives and those of their dogs.

The FCI announced that any amount and donation on this account will be welcome and will be used entirely and solely for the above purpose and this in full transparency. 

Ukrainian breeders/dog owners who had to flee Ukraine together with their dogs and people who accepted to rehome Ukrainian dogs (without their owners) may contact the FCI Kennel Clubs and Contract Partners from the countries where Ukrainian dogs were rehomed and ask them for help.  After validation by these Kennel Clubs of the requests and examining the individual situations and requests for help, the FCI will decide to allocate funds or not.

The IFR-Board applauds this initiative by the FCI !     We also understand however that the financial means that the Federation can use for these purposes are limited by the amount of donations.

The IFR-Board itself, has also been contacted with the question if the IFR can and will donate money of offer other support to our Ukraine Friends.

At the moment, we have unfortunately no knowledge of an organization or structure that would in particular be able to help us to support Ukraine Rottweiler Friends.    We would prefer to not transfer money to individuals if we have no certitude that they will be able to transfer the money and/or dogfood to those that are in need of it.   As it seems, transportation is in Ukraine dangerous and/or impossible.

This means that If the IFR wants to help, then the FCI-channel will be the most apt to use !

The IFR-Board therefore suggests the following.    This is not a demand, just a suggestion for voluntary support and no Member Club that doesn't go into this will be pointed the finger or will be blamed.

We have not paid an IFR-Membership Fee for at least two years now, meaning minimum 2 x 150,00 euro or 300,00 euro.

The IFR-Board thinks that it would be a noble gesture should we all be willing to pay at least the equivalent of one year of Membership Fee – this is only 150,00 euro - on the bank account of the IFR : IBAN BE81 0015 9621 5024

The sum of these deposits will be transferred by us to the FCI-account that is mentioned above.

The Board suggests moreover that the IFR would support further by increasing the thus received amount by half and this using funds on the IFR bank account.

Example : this would mean that if eg. 20 Member Clubs would each transfer 150,00 euro, that we would receive 3.000,00 euro and that we would add 1.500,00 euro IFR-funds.  We would then be able to transfer 4.500,00 euro to the FCI-account to support the Ukraine dog lovers.

To use IFR-money however, the Board needs approval of at least the majority of our Member Clubs.

So please :

  • All Member Clubs that want to support the FCI-initiative and therefore the Ukraine dog lover, please transfer the money (we suggest 150,00 euro but every sum is welcome) to the IFR-bank account BE81 0015 9621 5024 .
  • All Member Clubs are asked to let us (urgently) know by e-mail ( if they agree with the proposal to increase the sum that we will receive by half, with a maximum of 2.000,00 euro.

All other suggestions are also welcome of course.

I dare to insist on a quick reaction by all.

Acta, non verba : we need deeds … not words.

On behalf of the IFR Board,

With friendly greetings,

D. Vandecasteele.