Follow up on the misbehavior of some individuals at the IFR-show

We refer to the report of the IFR-President that was published before on the IFR World Show 2022 Italy.   He not only reported about the excellent organization and atmosphere, but also about (an) incident(s) during which some participants showed very unsportsmanlike, and therefore unacceptable, behavior.   

The IFR Board has received several formal complaints.  We have contacted the Italian Kennel Club ENCI, being the competent disciplinary authority, and also the FCI about these incidents and complaints and have asked for a thorough and serious investigation and to take the disciplinary actions deemed appropriate.    

At all our future events, we will insist that the organizing club and it’s Kennel Club will actually enforce their national regulations on discipline and sportsmanship and if possible and/or appropriate we shall also call upon our own regulations to make sure that such offences will be prevented or penalized.

We fully understand that our passion for the Rottweiler may bring emotional reactions but we may and will not, not now and not ever, accept behavior that is harmful for our activities, our Federation and/or its members and finally for our beloved breed !