IFR events in France : no problem for the Rottweiler !

We hear that there is some concern about the French legislation and its implications when participating the IFR World Championships or World Winner Show in France.

To be clear : there is no prohibition to bring your Rottweiler to France and our French friends reassure us as follows :  

1. In general.

The UFR has consulted with the authorities and has obtained the official response from the Ministry of the Interior (DLPAJ) that these are the rules to be respected in France when bringing your Rottweilers to France for a transit or for a short stay :

  • the dog must be identified (microchip or tattoo)
  • in public places the dog must be kept on a leash + must wear a muzzle.  Of course not during the competition.
  • the owner must carry the European pet passport of the dog and the proof that the dog is vaccinated against rabies.

The careful owner will also carry a copy of the pedigree of the dog.

2. In particular to participate the IGP World Championships.

The participation to the IGP – World Championship demands that the participant must first obtain a “biting license”, which is in fact an insurance that covers the owner / handler and the dog during competitions.  

This insurance is extended to the risks inherent in daily life, apart from all canine training and competition activities, acting in civil liability.    Travel is excluded from insurance coverage.

To obtain the license, participants will be asked to present, together with the registration form for the competition :

  • the completed application form (will be sent with the invitation to register for the competition)
  • a copy of the dog's pedigree
  • the passport with the dog's identification number or the dog's identity card bearing this number.

The UFR will then make a group request for the license.  Please note that the price of this license (10 € / person) is offered by the UFR and is not an extra cost  for the participants !   We thank our French friends for this !