IFR Regional events.

At several occasions already, the idea was discussed and accepted to not only organize IFR-World events but also regional events.   This way, a more direct and effective influence at regional levels can be achieved and can the IFR and its messages be brought closer to all Rottweiler Friends, especially when the World event is taking place on another continent and/or at a far away distance.   

The IFR Board approved the request to organize the following regional shows : 

  • IFR European Winner Show :                 Hungary
  • IFR South American Winner Show :       Bolivia.

A condition for the Member Clubs to obtain approval is the guarantee that the organization will be of high quality as befits an event that is more than just another dog show but must be an international tribute to our breed. 

We wish our Hungarian and Bolivian Friends a successful event and we look forwards to meet you all there in high numbers !