Registration form for the IFR World Show 2022 (7 - 8 May) is online - more info.

The registration form for the IFR World Winner Show of 07 and 08 May 2022 is now online :

Please be aware that the show will be ruled by IFR-regulations that can be found on our website (click).    

We draw your particular attention to articles 8 and 10 of the regulations :

  • Each day, before the show starts, a lottery will decide which judge will judge which classes.
  • The title of World Winner (male and female) can only be awarded to dogs that have passed a character test that will be organized on 07.05.2022.        More details about this test can be found in art. 8 of our regulations.     Films of the routine of the test can be found on our website (click).         I do underline that it is NOT mandatory to participate the test and that yes or not participating and/or yes or not passing the test only has an implication on the possibility to obtain the title of World Winner but can have no influence on the showresults !   

The link to register for the character test : click.       You will be asked to complete a form and return it to an e-mailadress.

For more info, please contact our Italian Friends ( Tel. +39 0813538084 – Cell. +39 3801740506 - )

I hope to meet you all in large numbers and I am convinced that the show will, again, be a true feast and proof of the love we share for this magnificent canine breed : the Rottweiler !!

PS : on 06.05.2022, the Italian Rottweiler Club organizes a national show.