The IFR and the situation in Ukraine

Both the Rottweiler Clubs of Russia and Ukraine are affiliated to the IFR.

Now that Russia is waging war on Ukraine, threatening the whole world with nuclear warfare and now also that some Russian Rottweiler breeders / owners / handlers are publishing messages on social media that are at least “questionable” , I have been repeatedly asked if the IFR will take a stand concerning the membership of the Rottweiler club of Russia and/or if Russian Rottweiler Friends will be allowed or not to participate IFR-events.

Believe me, the IFR-Board does not take this situation lightly !   To respect democracy, we sent our views and proposals to all Delegates of IFR Member Clubs for approval !   We have asked the Delegates to take a position as quickly as possible.  Many have already expressed their position and we will publish and communicate the final decision when we will know the will of the majority.

In the meantime, we repeat our plea to all Rottweiler Friends to show solidarity and to offer support to our Ukrainian Rottweiler Friends who are in need for shelters !    

D. Vandecasteele.