The IFR World Championships 2021 - what an event, what a feast !!!

We look back on a truly great event, both the IFR World Championship IFH I II and the World Championship IGP III.   The organization offered optimal circumstances, both on the tracking fields and the B/C trial field, and we fully enjoyed it, expectant but relaxed and with an unmatched sense of sportmanship.


On behalf of the IFR, I offer my sincere thanks to our Hungarian Rottweiler Friends.     Until very shortly before the event, the risk was still very real that new measures to stop the COVID-19 pandemic might have prevented the IFR World Championships 2021 to take place.   This would have meant that a very important investment would have gone lost : an investment in time, efforts and finances.   I therefore thank the Hungarian club from all my heart for its courage and willingness to go through with the organization and for all its dedication, efforts and hard work to give us the chance to show and enjoy the Rottweiler where he belongs : on the working field.

The reward was enormous.    Imagine 75 Rottweilers and their handlers standing under their national flags, attentive to their national hymns, showing not the slightest sign of fear, mistrust or aggression to man nor dog, their heads held high and with nobility, their ears and eyes very clearly aware and attentive of their surroundings but standing calm, steady and proud.  Dogs that we saw at work - on the track and on the trial field - with endurance and intelligence, strong in body but yet fast and agile.  Dogs that performed with purposefull dedication, with a high drive to work and high will to please, with strong drives and powerfull reactions and courageous dominant answers to threats but always controlled and able to change from high to low drives and back again.    We had seen these dogs come off the sleeve and immediately mingle with the crowds, selfconfidently accepting praise and reward from and amidst strangers.

It gave me gooseflesh.   It made us proud !!!

I therefore congratulate but especially thank all competitors, not just the World Champions but all competitors in all three competitions without any exceptions and regardless of the results they obtained, to carry the flag of the IFR over the whole globe and spread the message that the Rottweiler is a true working dog, in body, heart and soul, a dog with all the characteristics we look for in a strong utility breed and that at the same time deserves its place in human society …

My congratulations, my thanks … and see you next year in France !!!