Future events

Meeting of Breed Wardens

The IFR will organize Meeting of Breed Wardens (= not breeders but the persons who are responsible for breeding matters for their national IFR-Memberclubs) and sees this a one of its most important instruments, moreover one whose organization is even imposed by the IFR-Constitution :

To attain its goals, the IFR will amongst other efforts attentively follow all development in the fields of canine sport and training and will timely try to influence all such developments to ensure the preservation, in casu the keeping and breeding, of the Rottweiler as the strong utility dog defined by the FCIbreedstandard whose breed specific character allows him to function in a social acceptable manner. In doing so, particular attention must not only be given to traditional defense training but also to other canine (FCI-accepted or acceptable) activities which are also suitable to recognize, preserve and put to use the traits of a strong utility breed.

2.1.3 To attain its goals, a close cooperation between the breeding associations of the respective countries, especially those organs that have the most responsibilities on breeding (breed specialized judges, breed wardens) shall be organized, both at international and at regional or national level, in order to improve the health of the Rottweiler population, to ensure homogeneity in the worldwide interpretation of the breedstandard and to agree on the setting of priorities in the keeping and breeding of the Rottweiler.

The Meeting dd. 04.05.2017 proved, more than ever, that this Meeting is indeed essential for an international canine organisation like the IFR and this not only as a prepatory forum for the Meeting of Delegates but because knowledgeable and responsable Breed Wardens are best placed to evaluate existing situations and/or wanted or unwanted evolutions and to speak out on concrete needs, regulations and actions.

The IFR is now actively working on the inventory of existing breeding regulations and breed suitability tests and then especially on achieving homogeneity in these to ensure, world wide, breeding and keeping of the correct Rottweiler, in body and mind defined and understood as a utility breed.     The role of a Meeting of Breedwardens will be essential in this.