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answering a question by an IFR Member Club.

JLPP, must all dogs be tested, including offspring of "clear" parent dogs ?



An article written by Prof. P. Friedrich for the ADRK-Magazine

Qualitätssicherung bei der Fortschreitenden Bekämpfung der Juvenilen Laryngealen Paralyse und Polyneuropathie (JLPP)

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Interview with Dirk Vandecasteele, conformation and working judge :

Don't choose a breed for its exterior ... choose it for its character !!!

by Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich.    Click HERE for the full article.

Questionable Phenotypic traits in the Rottweiler



A layman's walk through basic canine genetics. 

                Genetic diseases and the correlation with a reduced genetic diversity of the breed.

Interview with Pavlína Fialová, IFR 2019 World Champion IGP III

The Rottweilers Are Closest to My Heart

Interview with Richard Adams, IFR World Champion IGP III 2017

Change the Plan but never the Goal

An interview with the IFR World Champion 2014

You can either live a simple life or buy a rottweiler.