Pending new legislation in Spain - no longer BSL !

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

Only months ago, the Rottweiler world was once again shaken up by publications about the fact that in Galicia, the Rottweiler could only be shown with a muzzle.

The Spanish legislation is indeed breed specific (BSL), qualifies the Rottweiler to be one of 13 "dangerous breeds" (sic) and the Galician police was now enforcing this legislation at a dog show.

Today, I learn that the Spanish legislator will issue a new legislation that will no longer be breed specific, or in other words that will no longer be based on the breed of a dog to declare it to be dangerous or not but will be based on the behaviour of the individual dog.

IFR World Championship IGP and IFH 2021 - Hungary

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

I receive more and more questions about if the World Championship IGP / IFH 2021 will take place or not.

At this moment, we can of course not assure that the event will take place but we have no indication that this will not be the case, especially as it seems that the COVID-19 vaccination programs are now very active all over the world and so we may hope that a large group immunity can and will be timely obtained.

I have asked our friends from Hungary to communicate about their expectations and to send us an update on the organization of the event, if possible in the form of a website where we can find all details and including about lodging, etc. … .

I was assured that preparations for the event are made.     If wanted, all Delegates can direct their questions directly to the Delegate of the Hungarian club :      We have the assurance that all questions will be promptly answered.

I sincerely hope to be able to meet you all there in large numbers and in the best of health.

With friendly greetings,

D. Vandecasteele.

IFR World Show 2020 in France - cancelled

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

I hope that this message reaches you, your family and friends in the best of health.

That the year 2020 was in so many respects a disastrous year is an understatement and we are all hoping that 2021 will bring better times. 

Unfortunately, we can only establish that the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet and we know that in the coming months there will still be insufficient vaccinations to achieve the intended group immunity and to allow for a normal and safe national and international interaction. 

Numerous national and international events (shows, competitions) are prohibited and/or are being postponed or have already been permanently cancelled.

After thorough consultation with our French friends and taking all considerations into account, we regret that we are obliged to cancel the IFR World Show 2021 as well.               

Looking back on 2020 and forward to 2021

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

Before all else, I sincerely wish that this message reaches you and your family in good health.

I do not have to tell you that 2020 was not and will not be a happy year to look back on.   The COVID-19 virus swarmed the whole world and caused misery in every thinkable way, socially and psychological, social and societal, economic and financial ....

We will bear traces of this on a human level, but also in terms of club life and we should not lose sight of the fact that the pandemic will also have left its mark on our beloved breed.    

The fact that breeding, showing and trialing  was largely impossible because of all sorts of necessary restrictions will indeed have weighed on our social life and taken away the pleasure that those activities bring to us, but also threatens to have a direct impact on the breed itself : not only has there been a decline in the number of births but also a lack of breeding selection.  Let's indeed not forget that shows and working competitions are from a cynologic point of view much more than mere competitions as above all they aim at breeding selection !    

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