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The IFR World Championship of IGP and IFH, from Monday 16th October to Saturday 21st in JindřichůvHradec is over.


A quick look back at the past few days comes to an excellent conclusion. I am pleased to describe the organization of the IFR World Championship as superb. The organizational team, led by Director Karel Frank, did an outstanding job. A magnifying glass would probably have to be used to find problems and potential for improvement. Hence, a big THANK YOU and a big APPLAUSE to the organization.

It should be mentioned as very positive that all participants found fair conditions, both on the track and in the stadiumThe two protection helpers did an excellent job over the three days. The sleeve was well presented to all dogs.

The gifts for the participants were greatly appreciated by everyone. The trophies for the winners are not only big, but also very beautiful.

My heart beats for IGP and what I've been able to see over the past few days has made my heartbeat faster. The performance level of the B and C demonstrations showed many outstanding works. There have been a lot of positive changes, not just in breeding, but also in training methods in recent years. It takes a good dog, good training methods and a bit of luck to win the world championship. The IFR congratulates the winners and wishes all Rottweiler friends continued successful sport.

I wish everyone a safe journey home/flight home and maybe we'll see each other in Slovakia next year.

On behalf of the IFR Executive Board

Walter Horn, President

IFR World Championship IFH and IGP Jablonec, Slovakia October 14th - 19th 2024

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

We were shocked to hear that Dirk Vandecasteele had to step down from his position as IFR President with immediate effect due to health reasons.

The IFR family wishes Dirk all the strength he needs to fight this difficult illness as successfully as possible.

A tribute to Dirk Vandecasteele for his great achievements for the Rottweiler dog will follow at a later date. At this moment our thoughts are with Dirk, and we wish him all the best from the bottom of our hearts.

In the name of the IFR board and the whole IFR family

Walter Horn

Acting IFR President



Im Namen des ADRK und natürlich auch ganz persönlich möchte ich Dirk Vandecasteele eine positive Entwicklung seiner gesundheitlichen Probleme von Herzen wünschen. Für alles, was er zugunsten des Rottweilers und dessen Freunde getan hat, sei ihm in höchstem Maße gedankt. Wir alle hoffen inständig auf eine Genesung und darauf, wieder gemeinsam Aktivitäten nachgehen zu können.

Peter Friedrich

On behalf of the ADRK and of course also very personally I would like to wish Dirk Vandecasteele a positive development of his health problems from the bottom of my heart. For everything he has done for the benefit of the Rottweiler and its friends, he is thanked in the highest degree. We all hope fervently for a recovery and to be able to pursue activities together again.

Peter Friedrich

Winners of IFR World show 2016

  • image team
    Youth World Winner 2016

    Olburd Salivan

  • image team
    Youth World Winner 2016

    Gaya Unserbund

  • image team
    World Winner 2016

    Toti Black Alliusion

  • image team
    World Winner 2016 BOB

    Fila vom Hause Milacic

World IPO III Championship 2016

  • image team
    Cid vom Rottberg

    1st place Winner Dmitry Dudukin (Russia)

  • image team
    Team Winner Russia

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Frequenly Asked Questions

The Rottweiler is a medium to large size, stalwart dog, neither heavy nor light and neither leggy nor weedy. His correctly proportioned, compact and powerful build leads to the conclusion of great strength, agility and endurance.
The length of the body, measured from the point of the sternum (breast-bone) to the ischiatic tuberosity, should not exceed the height at the withers by, at most, 15%.
Good-natured, placid in basic disposition and fond of children, very devoted, obedient, biddable and eager to work. His appearance is natural and rustic, his behaviour self-assured, steady and fearless. He reacts to his surroundings with great alertness.