Change in the FCI Breed Standard of the Rottweiler

Prior to the actual beginning of the IFR-Meeting dd. 07.07.2018 in Wohlen, the ADRK announced that it's proposal for an adjustment of the FCI Breed Standard has been accepted by the Standard Commission of the FCI.   The text will shortly be published on and will as of then be official and applicable.    To avoid misunderstandings, while the text is not officially published, we will not go into detail just as yet, but let it be known that the adjustment clarifies several interpretation issues of the current standard, including the definition of the proportion of the head that will as of now be defined to be about 1 - 1.5 while a shorter muzzle will be understood to be a fault.   The adjustments go further than this however and include a more complete definition of the breed's character (even tempered) and of unwanted faulty traits.