FCI - scientific research concerning brachycephalic breeds.

We have all heard about the cooperation agreement that the FCI has made concerning BOAS (Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome).   (click to open the page).

Although this initiative aims at contributing to the health of all Brachycephalic breeds while the Rottweiler's head is supposed to be of the mesocephalic type, it concerns us as it is no secret that BOAS has entered our breed too !   Worse even, I hear that in some countries, fashion motivated judging / breeding has even led to the understanding by cynologic authorities that the Rottweiler belongs to the brachycephalic breeds !  

We must therefore indeed loudly applaud this initiative taken by the FCI (!) but I dare to insist that we do not wait for the results of these years of monitoring ... as we are witnessing now already the negative results of faulty judging and breeding !    There can and may be no discussion on the fact that breeding for extremes is devastating for the breed, it's health and utility and that this must be brought to an immediate stop !   

We must not wait but now already and before all else motivate our judges and breeders to turn away from this faulty and harmful head shape (and its negative side effects) and to recognize, reward and emphasize the correct head shape

The ADRK / VDH have taken an important step in this by changing the breed standard and defining the outer limits of acceptable head proportions. It is now the responsibility of us all to us to follow up on this.   When the IFR will work further on homogeneity in breeding regulations and breed suitability tests, there must and will be particular attention for this.

Cfr. also our former publications on the issue + the many scientific publications about BOAS that can be found on internet and that confirm the correlation between the breeding for short muzzles and this terrible disorder.    Click here for an example of such a scientific publication.