IFR - annual meeting of judges : 53 judges - 20 countries

We started organizing these meetings in 2009 (Borken-Burlo - Germany).  This year it was organized on 14.04.2023, on the eve of the 2023 IFR World Winner Show in France.   

All judges that are mentionned on our IFR-website were informed and all Delegates were requested to pass the invitation to all judges in their country that are licenced to judge the Rottweiler.   

Not less than 53 judges from 20 different countries announced their presence and participation to the meeting.    Some attended in person at the meeting itself, the others attended online (Teams).

The judges had a 3 hour long very good and interesting discussion.  Each topic was illustrated with a power-point presentation and many photo's.
We find such meetings to be interesting and important and it was truly stimulating that the initiative is so widely and internationally appreciated amongst judges and was so well met. 
It is our firm intention to keep organizing these meetings on an annual basis, each time at the occasion of the World Show.  If no abuse is made of this, we will do so with the possibility to attend online.
We also take the suggestion with us to organize a larger gathering of judges in the form of a weekend conference, possibly together with veterinarians/scientists but also together with breeders and in general with Rottweiler enthusiasts.  
Expertise, education, transparency and homogeneity in assessing our dogs and understanding these assessments, either on show or on breeding suitability tests, is indeed a necessity.