IFR World Championship IGP and IFH 2021 - Hungary - new information

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

Our friends from Hungary confirm that they will do everything in their power to organize and make a success of the IFR World IGP III and IFH World Championships !!   Let's hope COVID-19 won't be a game breaker but will by then be history or at least sufficient under control to allow for a great international event !!

At my request, we received the following first information.  Please forward it to the Board of your national Rottweiler Club and in particular to the Team Captain of your national team :

  • There will this time not be a separate website on the event but all info will be available on the website of the Hungarian club :    

  • The IGP competition will be organized class III ABC only.   

  • The IFH competition will be offered in both classes : I and II.       

  • The tracking grounds will be plowed / sowed grounds for the IGP competition and grass for the IFH competition.

  • The trial field for the B/C competition is the same as was announced before :

                             AERO Hotel's greenfield (Sport airport) in 6078 JAKABSZÁLLÁS.

  • The trial field will not be set up in an enclosed stadium.

  • The time schedule is at this moment foreseen as follows :

                  Tuesday 12 October 2021 :

  • Registration and veterinarian control.
  • Opening ceremony of the World Championship IFH.
  • Draw for the IFH World Championship competition.

                 Wednesday 13 October 2021 :

  • IFH World Championship competition
  • Meeting of Delegates.
  • IGP official training session
  • Demonstration B and C
  • Opening ceremony of the IGP World Championship
  • Draw for the IGP World Championship competition.

                 Thursday 14 October 2021 :

  • World Championship competition IGP III A B C

                 Friday 15 October 2021 :

  • World Championship competition IGP III A B C

                 Saturday 16 October 2021 :

  • World Championship competition IGP III B C
  • Closing ceremony
  • Award ceremony
  • Diner and party
  • The judges that are invited are :

IFH :             Mr. Árpád Halász (H) 

IGP :             

  • A : Mr. Antal Petrás (H),
  • B : Mr. Miran Mars (SLO),
  • C : Prof. Dr. Peter Friedrich (D).

The judge’s CV’s will shortly be published on the website, facebook page and a facebook event.  

  • The helpers for the protection part are Attila Takács (H) and Ferenc Studinger (H).      The reserve helpers have not been decided upon yet.     Both helpers work with the sleeve on the left arm and their CV will also be published on the website, facebook page and facebook event.

  • The tracklayers are qualified for both IGP and IFH tracks.   Their names and CV will also be available on the website, facebook page and facebook event.

  • The Hungarian club has decided that for the IFH World Championship, only the entered participants may compete but not the reserves.      

I personally add that participation by the reserves (as was allowed in Denmark in 2019) is indeed a possibility but is not mandatory.  

Cfr. the regulations :

"If less than 36 participants are registered for the competition then the organizing club may (but must not) decide to allow participation by those entered as reserves to complete the participation till the maximum of 36 participants. In case the total of entered competitors and the number of registered reserve dogs is higher than the maximum of 36 would allow, than a draw will be organized by the IFR-Board to decide on the reserves who will be allowed to participate and who will not be allowed to participate. These decisions and the possible draw and its results must be made, communicated and published within eight days of closure of entries. In case the total of entered competitors and the number of registered reserve dogs is less than the maximum of 36 would allow, than the participants that obtained the second and if possible also the third place at the last World Championship will be offered a wild card, if they are not already entered".

As foreseen in the regulations, the organizing club may still change it’s mind on the issue, or in other words decide that the reserves may compete after all, until 8 days before the closure of entries.

  • The entry fee will be 100,00 euro / dog.    

  • It is not a legal obligation but it is strongly advised that the responsibility of all dogs / owners would be covered by an insurance.    If not, all damages will be the responsibility of the dog’s owner.

However, cfr. also art. 23 of the IFR’s regulations :

“Each competitor is responsible for the damages caused by his dog and the organizing club has the right to demand that the handler can prove that his liability toward third parties is covered by an insurance.”

  • Entries for the competition will registered via CANIVA as of 01.07.2021.     We have not yet received the closure date.

  • To enter Hungary, all dogs must :

    • have valid vaccinations against rabies
    • be treated with anthelmintics against worms
    • be identified by microchip.

If from the EU States : only healthy, free from infectious disease dogs that have a duly completed Vet PASSPORT with valid vaccinations against rabies. The dog must  identified   by an electric transponder (microchip).   The valid vaccinations are interpretable after the following regulation: 576/2013/EU  ( 2. (second) "e" point of the: III. annex).

From third Countries : only healthy, free from infectious disease dogs that have valid vaccinations against rabies.   The dog must  uniquely identified   with electric transponder (microchip) and after the 10. article of the   576/2013/EU regulation needs to have had a TITER test.  The conditions of the Titer testing can be read in the  IV. annex of the  576/2013/EU regulation.     The titer test is not necessary if the origin country is listed in the 1. or 2. part of the   577/2013/EU regulation's II. annex.         If the third country of origin does not issue a VET passport that is accepted by the EU, then the dog must have a veterinary certificate as defined by the 577/2013/EU regulation.

(Please do not take the risk of not being allowed to enter the country and ask timely for information and see to it that the necessary health measures are timely respected.        I will myself add the text of the EU 576/2013 regulations to the present e-mail, but please understand that I cannot and will not advise on Hungarian regulations.   All questions regarding this important issue, must be directed to the Hungarian Rottweiler Club : ).

  • There will be camping facilities available at the venue of the World Championship.    More details on this and I presume also on other lodging facilities (hotels, B&B, …) will be shortly available.

All further communication will not come from the IFR-Board but must come from the organizing Hungarian Rottweiler Club.

Please direct all questions regarding the event to the Delegate of the Hungarian Club, Mr. Lázló Fekete :

With you all, I look forward to a successful organization and I hope to be able to meet you there in high numbers !!

Meanwhile : be careful, stay safe and healthy and take care of your selves and of each other !

On behalf of the IFR-Board,

With friendly greetings,

D. Vandecasteele