IFR World Championships 2021 - Meeting of Delegates

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

It seems that nothing stands in the way anymore to organize, participate and attend the IFR World Championships 2021 IGP III and IFH I + II.

We look forward to a great event !   

As was announced and published before, the IFR World Championship and Meeting of Delegates 2021 will be organized as follows :

      Tuesday 12 October 2021 :

  • Registration and veterinarian control.
  • Opening ceremony of the World Championship IFH.
  • Draw for the IFH World Championship competition.

                 Wednesday 13 October 2021 :

  • IFH World Championship competition
  • Meeting of Delegates.
  • IGP official training session
  • Demonstration B and C
  • Opening ceremony of the IGP World Championship
  • Draw for the IGP World Championship competition.

                 Thursday 14 October 2021 :

  • World Championship competition IGP III A B C

       Friday 15 October 2021 :

  • World Championship competition IGP III A B C

       Saturday 16 October 2021 :

  • World Championship competition IGP III B C
  • Closing ceremony
  • Award ceremony
  • Diner and party

On behalf of the Board and I am sure on behalf of all Rottweiler lovers worldwide, I already now congratulate and thank the Hungarian Rottweilerclub for their commitment to the Rottweiler and the enormous efforts the organization will take !      

The Meeting of Delegates of IFR-Memberclubs will be organized on Wednesday 13.10.2021 and I hereby invite all Delegates to the Meeting.

The Meeting will start at 09.30 h. at the adress :

AERO HOTEL (Sportairport),

Jakabszallas 6078, 

II.Korzet 12/A, Hungary


For more detailed directions, cfr.

While we are still looking into the possibility to also attend online, we cannot guarantee that this will be possible.

The agenda of the Meeting will be compiled in accordance with art. 8 of the IFR-Constitution :

  • Opening of the meeting by the IFR-President. If present, the Honorary President(s) will be given right of speech at the opening of the meeting.
  • Confirmation of the presence and the validity of the delegates
  • Election of the chairman and his deputy
  • Approval of the agenda
  • Decision of admittance of new members
  • Treatment of the proposals of the members
  • Report of the executive board for the expired period
  • Report of the auditors
  • Discussion on the reports
  • Relief of the Board
  • Determination of the host country for the next activities of the IFR (Congress, World Championship, World Show and other)
  • Presentation of the candidates for the election of the executive board
  • Discussion and decision on the activities to be executed by the executive board that is to be elected
  • Election of the executive board:
    • election of the President;
    • election of the Vice-President;
    • election of 4 members of the board;
    • possible election of additional members of the board;
    • election of two auditors.
  • Determination of the Membership fees

All Member Clubs have the right and opportunity to send in proposals.    These should reach us at least one (1) month in advance of the Meeting (cfr. art. 7.7 of the Constitution).

All Delegates were invited and we will also invite the clubs that sent an application for IFR-Membership and have then answered our request for further information.

With the Board, I truly look forward to meet you all in Hungary, to a great competition and a constructive meeting.

On behalf of the Board,

With friendly greetings,

D. Vandecasteele,