IFR World Show -POSTPONED - Corona virus

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

After long and serious considerations with the IFR-Board and the Board of the Rottweiler club of North Macedonia and fully supported by them, I have just taken the decision to postpone the IFR World Show 2020. 

Believe me when I say that it was a difficult decision.   However, we cannot and will not be blind for the current lightning-fast spread of the Corona virus and the extent to which people are infected, become sick themselves, infect others and sometimes even die.   This besides all the other misery that the virus causes, incl. quarantines of homes but even villages and cities, the closure of schools and businesses, lock-outs, inactivity of airports and all other transportation, loss of incomes or even jobs, etc. … .  

We love the Rottweiler, we love to see him in the show-ring and we love to meet Rottweiler lovers from all over the world … but organizing a hobby based canine event where people from dozens of countries will meet, knowing that some of them may unknowingly be carriers of the virus and may therefore unintentionally infect others so that the virus will then be spread to even many more countries, to even more families and may cause even more fatalities and misery, would morally not be acceptable nor defensible. 

We know that authorities warn that we must avoid all panic and we support that idea.   We are aware that our decision is taken early and that the future may very well prove that we took the decision even too early and/or unnecessary if medication and the use of other measures will (hopefully) succeed to limit the spread and effects of the virus.

Still, we can and will not take chances with human lives and the quality of lives !   The additional consideration that this way we can hopefully still avoid people booking tickets or making other costs to attend the show is of lesser importance but nevertheless present.

It is not a pleasant decision to take or communicate, but it is one that had to be taken.

The decision was taken together with the Rottweiler Club of North Macedonia.   The club had already prepared the event into the last detail, at high cost of energy and commitment but also financial means and this situation and decision is for the club very heavy to wear.

Nevertheless, I found their President Mr. Igor Slavkovski and his Boardmembers available for an open discussion of all aspects, options and alternatives and I thank him and his club for their humanity, their open mind, their courage and their common sense !

We are now in close contact with our Rottweiler Friends in North Macedonia to decide on a new date for the event and you will all be informed as quickly as possible.  An option to be discussed is to organize the World Show the week-end before the IGP and IFH World Championships so people coming from far might attend both events.

Those that had already registered their dogs for the show may contact the Club of North Macedonia for info on reimbursements of entry fees or for reserving these for the show on its new date. 

I thank you all for understanding.

On behalf of the IFR-Board,

With friendly greetings,

Dirk Vandecasteele