One must move with times : online attendance to the Meeting of Delegates.

Our Federation is an association of Member Clubs that are spread all over the globe. While we prefer the representatives (Delegates) to be physically present and participate in the MOD, we must understand that this may not always be possible for some. This is even more the case in these COVID times and the resulting travel restrictions.

For this reason, the IFR-Board has bought equipment that will allow an online participation to the Meeting of Delegates. 

While we still hope that all, at least most, Delegates will be able to be present at the Meeting itself, this must allow all Member Clubs to actively attend the Meeting and therefore for more and better input, discussion, understanding and coöperation.      An invitation to attend the Meeting online over Microsoft Teams will shortly be sent to all Delegates.   

We look forward to a constructive Meeting and fruitful discussions.