Letters to the IFR-Delegates

Letters to the IFR-Delegates

IFR Meetings 2017 - first invitation

To all Delegates of IFR-Memberclubs, Dear Rottweilerfriends

The IFR-World Show will be organized on 06 – 07 may 2017 in Serbia.
We will then also organize the IFR-Meetings :
 • 04.05.2017 (13.00 h) : Meeting of Breed Wardens.
 • 05.05.2017 : Meeting of Delegates, followed by the Meeting of Judges.
A formal invitation with more details and also the agenda of the Meetings will follow shortly.  Please inform the people who will represent your Club at these events so all can be present and we can have a constructive and fruitful Meeting.
With friendly greetings, D. Vandecasteele. President.

PS : to avoid all misunderstanding : the Meeting of Breed Wardens is not a meeting of breeders but of the people who are the responsibles for breeding matters for their club (this can of course also be the Memberclub's Delegate) and the Meeting of Judges is a closed meeting of all judges who are licensed to judge the Rottweiler. 

IFR-World Championship and the FCI circular 47/2016

Dear Friends,

We receive questions concerning the FCI circular 47/2016 stating that at the FCI-World Championship IPO there will be no softstick hits during the protection part.  This decision has only bearance on the FCI-World Championship, not on other IPO-trials !

This does not change the IPO-program and does not change the Regulations of the IFR : our Regulations clearly state that our IFR-World Championship is organized according to the IPO-program : with hits with the soft stick during the protection part.

These phases have indeed their meaning and their importance (!) in the context of the program and the goals of the program !

Unless and untill the IPO-Program is changed and/or legislation demands otherwise and/or the Meeting of IFR-Delegates would decide otherwise, there can and will be no deviation from the program at the IFR-World Championship : the IFR-World Championship IPO will be with hits with the soft stick.

Moreover, should there arise a question on the issue, it would be my strictly personal opinion that such a decision would rather have its place in a preparatory Meeting of Breed Wardens … .

With friendly greetings,
On behalf of the IFR-Board, D. Vandecasteele, President.

Foreword by the IFR-President

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

The decision by the Meeting of Delegates of 2015 to change the IFR-Constitution led our Federation into a new phase of its existance.

The IFR was founded to worldwide preserve the breed specific characteristics of the Rottweiler.   This was necessary as the breed was fast gaining popularity all over the world and was now being bred and kept in diverse countries, in as many diverse cultures and was therefore possibly subject to just as many diverse expectations and then not necessarily those that defined the breed in its original characteristics as a utility breed.

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