The IFR's goals.

We quite regularly receive requests for IFR-Membership.  All are very well meant but sometimes however based on the wrong idea that the IFR is an organization with the annual IGP-World Championship and World Show as it's main activities and/or goals on it's agenda.    This is of course wrong.   Those activities are not our goals but instruments to help achieve our goals.

Statutory, the formal goal of the IFR is to worldwide align the breeding of the Rottweiler with the requirements of human and animal living together, this with respect for the demands that are proper to modern and future society and yet without loss of the original physical characteristics and traits of character of the Rottweiler as defined by the FCI-breed- standard. These traits of character consist in a high confidence of character, a sociable behavior in the family and society and the aptitude of a utility dog.  

Basically, the IFR is a federation of national Rottweiler Clubs who oblige themselves to strive for homogeneity in the breeding and keeping the Rottweiler, so the breed will world-wide answer to the same definition (in body and mind) and will allow for a free exchange of genes/breeding dogs without the risk of harming the breed’s conformity or health.  In other words, although the IFR certainly supports the Rottweiler in dog sport as a means to preserve the traits of the utility dog in a socially acceptable manner, being a member of the IFR is not just about participating in the World Championship and/or the World Show, but is about creating a global trustworthy and credible gene pool.

For this, we need a long-term strict control of all stud dogs and brood bitches on both their physical and genetic health (e.g. HD/ED …) and their physical and mental compliance with the breed’s definition that includes both the drives of the working dog and social behavior   The IFR-Constitution therefore now demands that all IFR Member Clubs must have breeding regulations that ensure that all their members will exclusively breed dogs who fulfil minimal and homogenenous conditions that concern health, social behavior and breed specific physical and mental traits.  A work group advises on all existing breeding regulations and breed suitability tests to ensure homogeneity and completeness.       More info about this and the criteria that must be part of those regulations and tests can be found in the Report of the IFR-Meeting dd. 07 – 08 july 2018 in Wohlen, Switzerland that is published on

Clubs who are interested in IFR-Membership may at all times contact our Boardmembers.   They will be pleased to be helpful.