Video's of the routines of the Utility Dog Test at the IFR World Show 2023

The UFR is preparing some video's of the routines of the Utility Dog Test that will be organized at the IFR World Show 2023.   These video's will be published on the website of the event and will feature the protection helpers that were chosen for the test. The routines will be without stick hits.    Cfr. a former publication on this website.

To avoid all misunderstandings : participating and passing the test is not mandatory nor a necessity to obtain show results, not even for best male or female or Best Of Breed !     Passing the test is only necessary for the dog to be eligible for the title of IFR World Winner.      

Cfr. our regulations (full regulations) : 

"The following IFR-titles will be awarded :

World Youth Winner: to the best youth male and the best youth bitch, chosen from youth class (9 – 18 months) or if this class is subdivided, chosen from the males and females that were awarded the first place in their classes within this range of age (9 – 18 months).
World Winner: to the best male and the best female, chosen between the dogs from intermediate, open, working and champion classes that were awarded the qualification Excellent in their class and that have passed a character test (hereafter called “utility dog test”) on the day before the show."

Those that want to participate : do not forget to enter for the test + to send the application for the licence that is necessary to be allowed to participate.   More information can be found on or by contacting   

As said and written many times already : what the judges will be looking for is not the degree of training or trial qualities of the dog, only the presence of the characteristics qualities of the utility dog that the Rottweiler was, is and will hopefully always be !