Follow up on the misbehavior of some individuals at the IFR-show

We refer to the report of the IFR-President that was published before on the IFR World Show 2022 Italy.   He not only reported about the excellent organization and atmosphere, but also about (an) incident(s) during which some participants showed very unsportsmanlike, and therefore unacceptable, behavior.   

The IFR Board has received several formal complaints.  We have contacted the Italian Kennel Club ENCI, being the competent disciplinary authority, and also the FCI about these incidents and complaints and have asked for a thorough and serious investigation and to take the disciplinary actions deemed appropriate.    

IFR events in France : no problem for the Rottweiler !

We hear that there is some concern about the French legislation and its implications when participating the IFR World Championships or World Winner Show in France.

To be clear : there is no prohibition to bring your Rottweiler to France and our French friends reassure us as follows :  

IFR World Winner Show 2022 - Results

  • IFR World Youth Winner 2022 :
  • Male : Kamaro is Rojaus Slenio
  • Female : Rea von der Ava-Forst.
  • IFR World Winner 2022 :
  • Male : Negro Saetta Negri Rott (BOB)
  • Female : Calamity Jane

The full show results are or will be available at :    and

A report on the IFR World Winner Show 2022

To the Italian Rottweiler Club SIR : my eternal gratitude for your willingness to organize the show in such a short time and for making it such a success !   I know all too well how much time, effort, dedication and especially idealism it takes to be willing to organize such an event and making it a success !   You succeeded beyond my expectations !  My congratulations and my gratitude !

Alla Societá Italiana Rottweiler, "SIR" i miei eterni ringraziamenti per aver realizzato in così breve tempo un grande spettacolo, degno di un vero mondiale.  Grazie per la vostra disponibilitá, e la  vostra organizzazione, é stato un grande successo !     So davvero fin troppo bene quanto tempo, impegno, dedizione e soprattutto sacrificio ci vuole per essere disposti ad organizzare un evento del genere e renderlo un grande successo !    Sei riuscito oltre le mie aspettative!    Le mie congratulazioni e i miei ringraziamenti ! 

333 entries for the IFR World Winner Show 2022

Not less than 333 dogs, from 18 nationalities, were entered to participate the IFR World Winner Show 2022.   It will be a great event and we look forward to it !!!



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