IFR World Championships IGP and IFH + Meeting of Delegates

As we know, the IFR World Championships 2023 IGP and IFH will be organized by our Friends from Czech Republik.

We hear that all is on schedule.     All updates can be found via :

All Delegates have received in invitation for the Meeting of Delegates.

We look forward to another great event and to meet you all again in large numbers !

IFR World Winners 2023

IFR Junior World Winner 2023 female :

DARKARMAR SELENE : KC AY10802409 - id : 941000026281535 née le 19/10/2021 ((CH) GASTON EARL ANTONIUS x DARKARMAR IM STILL STANDING) Prod : Mme ROWARTH M., Prop : M. Mme MULHALL Glynn et Jayne

IFR Junior World Winner 2023 male :

TORINO VON DER TALPLATZ : JR 733475Rw - id : 688052000221275 né le 07/06/2022 (ODIN VOM GROSSEN TAL x KIJA VON DER TALPLATZ) Prod et prop : M. ZDRALOVIC Aleksanda


ERON TEREZSKY DVUR : CMKU 702310RW - id : 953010001595277 né le 14/04/2018 (ANTONY VOM CARRABA HAUS x TODI TERESKY DVUR) Prod : M. KAREL Franck, Prop : M. GONZALES Mathieu.

IFR WORLD WINNER 2023 female :

REA VON DER AVA-FORST : JR 730682 - id : 688010000151504 née le 22/05/2021 (SRECKO TIMIT-TOR x NORA VON DER AVA-FORST) Prod : MmM. LATINOVIC Ljuba et Mira, Prop : M. LJUBA LATINOVIC Ljuba.


IFR - annual meeting of judges : 53 judges - 20 countries

We started organizing these meetings in 2009 (Borken-Burlo - Germany).  This year it was organized on 14.04.2023, on the eve of the 2023 IFR World Winner Show in France.   

All judges that are mentionned on our IFR-website were informed and all Delegates were requested to pass the invitation to all judges in their country that are licenced to judge the Rottweiler.   

Not less than 53 judges from 20 different countries announced their presence and participation to the meeting.    Some attended in person at the meeting itself, the others attended online (Teams).

IFR Regional Show in Bolivia - 26.03.2023

The IFR regional show South America will, as a part of a program of multiple show days, be organized by our Bolivian Friends on 26.03.2023. It will be judged by Prof. P. Friedrich.
Prior to the show, on 24.03.2023, there will be a demonstration of the Bolivian national breeding suitability tests and of the IFR Utility Dog Test (cfr. our show regulations).  This will be accompanied by an explanation of the importance of organizing breeding suitability tests and the necessity of all parent dogs to mandatory pass such tests before being used for breeding.
On 25.03.2023, there will be a judges seminar.
We wish our Bolivian Friends a successful organization !!

Annual IFR Judges Seminar

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has (hopefully) passed, we can again organize our annual Judges Seminar.   

The Meeting will be organized at the occasion of the IFR World Show ( in France, more precisely on Friday 14.04.2023 at 17.00 h.
An invitation was sent to all judges that are listed on our website (= information sent to us by our Member Clubs) and to be complete, all Delegates were asked to inform all their national FCI licenced Rottweiler judges of the event, also those not listed on our website.     If judges do so request, a link will be sent to attend online ... although we would of course prefer that all would attend in person.
We look forward to another successful and fruitful meeting.   Our beloved breed will profit from it.
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