Shortlist of links concerning the IFR World Show 2022

For more info, please contact our Italian Friends : Tel. +39 0813538084 – Cell. +39 3801740506 - 

Cfr. also : click.             

To be complete : the Italian Rottweiler Club SIR organizes a national show on the day before the IFR-event.  The link to register for this Olympia Show :

* Reminder : only dogs that have prior succeeded the BH-test will be allowed to participate the charactertest.

Registration form for the IFR World Show 2022 (7 - 8 May) is online - more info.

The registration form for the IFR World Winner Show of 07 and 08 May 2022 is now online :

Please be aware that the show will be ruled by IFR-regulations that can be found on our website (click).    

We draw your particular attention to articles 8 and 10 of the regulations :

Financial support for Ukraine dog lovers.

Facta, non verba ... we need deeds ... not words.

The IFR-Board has sent the following letter to all IFR-Delegates.


I don't have to tell anyone that a tragedy is taking place in Ukraine.

This war affects people and animals, including dogs.  Millions of families, countless dog owners, are homeless, on the run or can hardly be supplied with food and water.

Several organizations, and I mention the Czech Rottweiler Club as an example, are involved in collections of money and / or dog food.     This dog food then gets eg. via Polish dog lovers to the border of Ukraine but we have guesses at how the transport from there proceeds and whether this is even possible as far as certain areas are concerned.  

Our amended regulations have been published on the website.

After our successful IFR World Championships 2021, all Delegates were asked for possible suggestions to improve the organization of our activities even more.  While all the reactions were very positive and praiseworthy of the organization by our Hungarian friends, some constructive proposals followed.   These were incorporated by the Board into drafts of amended regulations for our World Championships IGP and IFH that were now, after approval, published on our website.    Cfr. our page documents.

New logo

For some time already, there was the need for a new modern logo and then one with a resolution and in a format that can be printed in large dimensions as e.g. on flags, banners, etc. ...

The Board wholeheartedly thanks Mr. Salvatore Dell'aquila for making and offering us a beautiful design (and Mrs. Mariya Kuzema for helping us with a finishing touch) and congratulates him with the result which we now proudly present as the IFR's new logo.



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