Update on the IGP - IFH World Championships 2020

A first concept of the event is :

  • Tuesday 20.10. :   Opening ceremony f the WCH FH  -  draw 
  • Wednesday 21.10 :  IFH World Championship
  • Wednesday 21.10 : IGP official training - demonstration B and C - Opening ceremony of the IGP World Championship - draw
  • Thursday 22.10: Competition IGP A B C
  • Friday 23.10 : Competition IGP ABC
  • Saturday 24.10 : Competition IGP B C + closing ceremony + Party.

More news and a website on the event will follow shortly.

IFR World Show -POSTPONED - Corona virus

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

After long and serious considerations with the IFR-Board and the Board of the Rottweiler club of North Macedonia and fully supported by them, I have just taken the decision to postpone the IFR World Show 2020. 

Believe me when I say that it was a difficult decision.   However, we cannot and will not be blind for the current lightning-fast spread of the Corona virus and the extent to which people are infected, become sick themselves, infect others and sometimes even die.   This besides all the other misery that the virus causes, incl. quarantines of homes but even villages and cities, the closure of schools and businesses, lock-outs, inactivity of airports and all other transportation, loss of incomes or even jobs, etc. … .  

First update on the IGP - IFH World Championships 2020

The following judges will be  invited to judge the IGP World Championship 2020 in Hungary (20 - 25 october) :

  • A : Antal Petrás (Hungary)
  • B : Miran Mars (Slovenia)
  • C : P. Friedrich (Germany)

More news and a website on the event will follow shortly.

IFR Committee to advise on regulations and BST's

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

As was decided by the Meeting of Delegates dd. 18.09.2019, a committee has been founded to evaluate all existing breed regulations and breed suitability tests.

BSL - Galicia, Spain

Social media are buzzing with the news that at a show in Galicia (Spain), all Rottweilers had to be shown with a muzzle.     

The Spanish legislation is breed specific (BSL) and qualifies the Rottweiler to be one of 13 "dangerous breeds" (sic).     The Galician police has now for the first time enforced the law at a dog show but probably not for the last time.       

Sad, very sad ... inacceptable ... but a reality for which we cannot be blind ! 

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