The war in Ukraine ... no Russian participation to the IFR World Show and World Championships 2022.

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

The IFR-Board, as most of us and even most of the world, is appalled by what is happening in Ukraine.   We deeply regret the bloodshed, the suffering and the damages that the Russian invasion is causing to humans, their dogs and other animals and property. 

It is correct that our Federation of Rottweiler Friends was not founded to intervene in (geo)politics.  Still, just like so many other national and international cynologic, cultural, sportive, economic, politic, etc.  … organizations and including the FCI and national kennel clubs, we cannot place or think ourselves out of the world nor be blind for reality.    

The situation goes moreover much further than just politics.    Not only does the war directly concern the existence, health and well-being of the Ukrainian Rottweiler and our Ukrainian Rottweiler Friends, it concerns us all.   Before all else we are humans, civilians, that are now confronted with the reality of a war in a friendly country, with the imminent threat of escalation towards other nations and now even with the explicit threat of a nuclear warfare that would hurt or destroy all.   

On 27 February 2022, the IFR-Board formally condemned the war and has asked all our Member Clubs to take a position.

The IFR and the situation in Ukraine

Both the Rottweiler Clubs of Russia and Ukraine are affiliated to the IFR.

Now that Russia is waging war on Ukraine, threatening the whole world with nuclear warfare and now also that some Russian Rottweiler breeders / owners / handlers are publishing messages on social media that are at least “questionable” , I have been repeatedly asked if the IFR will take a stand concerning the membership of the Rottweiler club of Russia and/or if Russian Rottweiler Friends will be allowed or not to participate IFR-events.

Believe me, the IFR-Board does not take this situation lightly !   To respect democracy, we sent our views and proposals to all Delegates of IFR Member Clubs for approval !   We have asked the Delegates to take a position as quickly as possible.  Many have already expressed their position and we will publish and communicate the final decision when we will know the will of the majority.

In the meantime, we repeat our plea to all Rottweiler Friends to show solidarity and to offer support to our Ukrainian Rottweiler Friends who are in need for shelters !    

D. Vandecasteele.

The situation in Ukraine - IFR asks for support.

Dear Rottweiler Friends,

With the whole world, we are witnessing the events in Ukraine today.

We hope that our friends in Ukraine are and remain safe, but also that when the need is high, also for their Rottweilers, that they will then be able to call on the support of the international friendship of all other Rottweiler friends !

We wish you courage and strength !!

The IFR Board.

IFR World Winner Show 2022 - 07 and 08 May in Crevalcore (Italy)

The IFR World Winner Show 2022 will be organized by the Italian Rottweiler Club SIR on 07 - 08 May 2022 in Crevalcore, approx. 35 km from the city Bologna.

The show will be judged by : Mrs. Bianka Miksic Kasun (Croatia), Mr. Frank Beiboer (the Netherlands), Mrs. Kristiina Niemela (Finland) and Mr. Peter Friedrich (Germany).  

The character test (= not needed to obtain even the highest show results but needed to be eligible for the titles of IFR World Winner) will be judged by Mr. Dirk Vandecasteele (Belgium), Mr. Fretta Carlo (Italy) and Mr. Lo Brutto Marcello (Italy).

The show regulations, also the conditions to obtain the title of IFR Word Youth Winner and IFR World Winner, can be found on this website.

Our Italian Rottweiler Friends will shortly publish more details and news and we wish them - and us all - a great event !

IFR World Winner Show 2022 - Italy

The organization of the IFR 2022 World Winner Show is granted to the Italian member club of the IFR : Societa Italiana Rottweiler (SIR).

I wish our Italian Friends - and us all - a great event and hope to meet you all in high numbers to share our passion for the Rottweiler.

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