Annual IFR Judges Seminar

Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has (hopefully) passed, we can again organize our annual Judges Seminar.   

The Meeting will be organized at the occasion of the IFR World Show ( in France, more precisely on Friday 14.04.2023 at 17.00 h.
An invitation was sent to all judges that are listed on our website (= information sent to us by our Member Clubs) and to be complete, all Delegates were asked to inform all their national FCI licenced Rottweiler judges of the event, also those not listed on our website.     If judges do so request, a link will be sent to attend online ... although we would of course prefer that all would attend in person.
We look forward to another successful and fruitful meeting.   Our beloved breed will profit from it.

Russian participation to IFR events remains suspended

We refer to our former decision, supported by a very large majority of Member Clubs, that for the IFR World Show and the IFR World Championships, all registrations of dogs and/or the participation as a handler and even the presence as spectators will be refused for all that live in Russia.   Besides this, Russian judges cannot be invited to judge these events.

The situation in Ukraine has since then not improved, to the contrary even.

The Board therefore sees no other possibility but to extend the former decision to all future IFR-events and this until the Meeting of Delegates will decide otherwise.       The decision does not end the membership of the Russian Rottweiler Club.  As its right to participate our events is suspended, we will not insist on its paying the annual membership fee. 

Video's of the routines of the Utility Dog Test at the IFR World Show 2023

The UFR is preparing some video's of the routines of the Utility Dog Test that will be organized at the IFR World Show 2023.   These video's will be published on the website of the event and will feature the protection helpers that were chosen for the test. The routines will be without stick hits.    Cfr. a former publication on this website.

To avoid all misunderstandings : participating and passing the test is not mandatory nor a necessity to obtain show results, not even for best male or female or Best Of Breed !     Passing the test is only necessary for the dog to be eligible for the title of IFR World Winner.      

Cfr. our regulations (full regulations) : 

FCI-ban on stick hits ... also for IFR World Championship + Utility Dog Test at the IFR World Show

As we are all aware, the FCI has decided that all stick hits are banned from the IGP-program. We will all have our personal opinions about this decision - as do I - but it seems pointless to enter this discussion.
Since our IGP World Championships are organized on the basis of the FCI program, it is clear that – unless the FCI would in the future decide otherwise again – all stick hits are from now on a thing of the past at the IFR-World Championships too.
Part of our efforts to preserve the qualities of the utility breed was however also the addition to our show regulations that the title of IFR World Winner can only be obtained by dogs that have proven to possess the natural drives of the utility dog.

The Utility Dog Test at the IFR World Show ... some false rumours.

The IFR World Show 2023 will be organized by our Friends in France (UFR) on 15-16 april 2023 in Moisson (near Paris). 

As all know, the title of IFR Winner can only be obtained by dogs that passed the “ IFR Utility Dog Test” on the eve of the show.  

To be allowed to participate this test the dog must mandatory have passed the BH-test (“FCI-BH/VT”).

Other tests of social behaviour do not suffice for this, even not when they are recognized by a national Kennel Club.    


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