The IFR's goals.

We quite regularly receive requests for IFR-Membership.  All are very well meant but sometimes however based on the wrong idea that the IFR is an organization with the annual IGP-World Championship and World Show as it's main activities and/or goals on it's agenda.    This is of course wrong.   Those activities are not our goals but instruments to help achieve our goals.

Statutory, the formal goal of the IFR is to worldwide align the breeding of the Rottweiler with the requirements of human and animal living together, this with respect for the demands that are proper to modern and future society and yet without loss of the original physical characteristics and traits of character of the Rottweiler as defined by the FCI-breed- standard. These traits of character consist in a high confidence of character, a sociable behavior in the family and society and the aptitude of a utility dog.  

BOAS - FCI study

The FCI published on its website a report on BOAS (Brachycephalic Breeds and Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome) and more precisely  a "Report, Strategy and Recommendations" by the FCI Scientific Commission dd. 15.07.2020.   Although the Rottweiler is NOT a Brachycephalic breed, the problem of BOAS has entered the breed.  This realisation led to an adaption of the breedstandard that now holds the definition of the minimal ratio between skull and muzzle as a breed specific trait but that is doubtless also meant to prevent BOAS from entering the breed even more.

The Commission's recommendations are important for us all and emphasize once again the need for prior testing of all breeding dogs on their comformation but also on their physical and genetic health, including the need to avoid breeding with dogs that suffer BOAS.    The full text - a recommented literature for all breed clubs, judges and breeders - is available under this link.

FCI Committee for Dog Welfare and Health

The FCI has announced the launch of the FCI Committee for Dog Welfare and Health of which the main aims are to spread scientific knowledge and put it into practice for the sake of dogs worldwide and to help the work of the breeders, breed clubs and national canine organisations by covering all aspects and issues of dog welfare and health.

The work group has its own section on the FCI's website.    Recommended for regular visits.

Change in the regulations for the IFR Wolrd Show

The Meeting of Delegates dd. 18.09.2019 changed the regulations for the IFR World Show, amongst others now stating that the title of World Winner can only be obtained if the dog has passed the charactertest (utility dog test) that will be organized at the occasion of the show.   As this test consists out of protection work and although we all know that this is not based on agression, to the contrary even, the IFR Board thought it opportune to add that only dogs that prior passed the BH (= FCI test of social behaviour) may participate the test.    

I am happy to inform you that no Delegates objected against this proposal and that we received nothing but very positive reactions.     The adapted text is therefore accepted, published on this website and is immediately valid.

All dogs entered in an adult class of the World Show (starting as of intermediate class but excluding veteran class) can be entered to participate the “utility dog test”.  However, on the day of this test, only dogs of whom evidence is provided that they have prior successfully passed the FCI Companion Dog Test (= BH) will be allowed to participate the test.

Participation to the test is however not mandatory and yes or not participating and/or passing the test cannot and may not influence the grading and placing of the dog during the IFR World Show nor the possibility to be declared best male or female and/or Best In Show and/or to be awarded a CAC or CACIB if those certificates are issued at the show.      However, regardless and independent of the official show results and titles, the title of IFR World Winner can only be awarded to a male and a female that has participated and passed the “utility dog test”.

Again a step forward in the promotion of the Rottweiler as a utility breed that deserves its rightful place in our human society !!!

IFR World Show 2021

The event will be organized by the Rottweiler Club in France, Union Française pour  le Rottweiler (UFR) on 15 and 16 may 2021.

We hear that a website on the event will shortly be availabe but at this moment, all information can already be found on Facebook :

Please check this information.     It does not only hold details on the organization (entry form etc....) but also essential information on national legislation and on the national conditions that must be fulfilled to be allowed to participate the character test (Utility Dog Character Test) that is needed to be eligible for the title of World Winner (cfr. also our IFR show regulations). 

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