IFR World Show France 15 - 16 april (Moisson).

Our Friends from France (UFR) have now for some time already published a website on the event ( and I see that it is very regularly updated.   

In view of national legislation and cynologic regulations, the website holds a specific page with information for "foreign" Rottweiler Friends. Please visit it to avoid all unfortunate misunderstandings.    

For example, in order to participate in the UDT, the handler must be in possession of a special permit (licence) to do so.   This can be requested when registering the dog and then the UFR will take care of this but it must be requested and will not follow from itself. 

More information :

IFR Regional events.

At several occasions already, the idea was discussed and accepted to not only organize IFR-World events but also regional events.   This way, a more direct and effective influence at regional levels can be achieved and can the IFR and its messages be brought closer to all Rottweiler Friends, especially when the World event is taking place on another continent and/or at a far away distance.   

The IFR Board approved the request to organize the following regional shows : 

A short report on the 2022 IFR World Championships (Aniche - France).

My sincere thanks go to the UFR and the local dog sport club of Aniche that organized the event, maybe with a small team but with a truly big heart for the dog !   I will not mention names to avoid the risk of forgetting to mention persons but please be assured : all that contributed to this event – with no exception – you have our gratitude and respect !  

Date and location of the 2023 IFR World Championships in Czech Republik.

We hear from our Friends in Czech Republik that the IFR World Champîonships 2023 IFH and IGP will be organized  in the week of 16th - 22 October in Jindrichuv Hradec, South of Bohemia.     We already look forwards !!

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