IFR World Championships IGP - IFH 2022 : a first presentation.

The IFR World Championships IGP and IFH will be organized in 2022 by the French Rottweiler Club, the UFR or Union Française pour le Rottweiler and it is clear that French friends are certainly not planning to miss a good start but are already in full preparation.

The venue and dates of the event are known (Aniche, 17 – 22 October 2022) and the following link lets you download a first presentation (location, judges, protection helpers, etc.) and a website is announced.

We look forward to a great event !

A reaction on publications by the representative of the RKNA Canada.

As all Delegates are aware, the RKNA Canada has again sent in an application for IFR-Membership and this application has been discussed at the Meeting of Delegates dd. 13.10.2021.      Taking a decision on the application is however for many reasons difficult and extremely delicate and calls for prudence.    For this reason, the decision was unanimously postponed.        

The Board now received copies of recent publications on internet by the representative of the RKNA Canada that concern the course of the Meeting of Delegates, stating that there was a clear will and intention to keep the Canadian Rottweiler out of the Federation and stating that the IFR President has deliberately manipulated all Delegates at the Meeting to make sure that the Delegates would refuse the application.   

These messages are extremely untrue, in a measure that they are even absurd !         It was even precisely the IFR-President who supported the application and who suggested to postpone the decision to avoid a refusal and have the chance to search for a solution.

The President wants to leave the posts unspoken off in the measure that they are aimed at him as a person (“ Conscia mens recti, famae mendacia ridet “ = a clean conscience will win out over false lies ).  However, because these posts also show a lack of respect for the IFR’s institutional organs and were read and sent to us by Rottweiler amateurs, even also by Delegates, the Board thought it opportune to inform all of the letter that the IFR-Board sent to the RKNA Canada and to even publish it on our website so all is clear and that there are no misunderstandings : click to read the PDF-file.

We assure you that all – the IFR President, all IFR Board members and all Delegates - separate and united in the Board and in the Meeting of Delegates - are and will always be committed to high moral standards and that we insist that appropriate respect for the IFR and its institutional organs is shown. 

Wild Cards for the FCI World Championship IGP 2022

The FCI offers a "wild card" to participate the FCI World Championship all breeds 2022 to the winners of the IFR's IGP World Champîonship.    We have communicated their identity to the FCI and have received the formal confirmation that both may indeed participate.

We hope that they will be able and willing to do so.    They both made us proud of our own World Championship and I have no doubt they will do so again at the FCI World Championship and prove to the world that the Rottweiler is second to none on the competition field  : 

  • Procházka Hynek & Say Holubi Dum (Czech Rep.)
  • Seirer Erich & Donner vom Illergries (Germany).

JLPP, must all dogs be tested ... also offspring from "clear" parent dogs ?

One of our IFR Member Clubs asked the IFR-Board for an advise about the following : if both parent dogs are found to be free of the defective JLPP-gene, may their offspring then automatically be understood to be free too and therefore be exempt from DNA-testing before being used for breeding ?


Update of the IFR-Constitution and regulations of the IFR World Championship IFH.

The minutes of the Meeting of Delegates DD. 13.10.2021 were approved.   The texts on this website of the IFR-Consitution and the regulations on the organisation of the World Championship IFH I II were updated..

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